New to The Red Pill?

Dissecting The Red Pill

There is a great torrent of bigotry and misinformation surrounding the nature of red pill philosophy. Some of the negativity stemming from such bigotry is of course the device of close-minded, frightened fanatics; people who cling to outdated and destructive ideological philosophies such as feminism. Others are simply lost, and need a conceptual starting point.

If you have heard about the red pill, don’t know what it is, but seek to understand it; I present you with unadulterated essays which cover the basics of what the philosophy (or should I say praxeology?) represents at the most rudimentary level. There’s no media spin or confusion, just forthright dissemination of what the red pill stands for from one of its adherents.

If you want to introduce someone to the red pill, or answer some of the more basic questions surrounding it, these articles should serve as great introductory material. Once you’re done here if you’re interested in what you’ve read, you can dig deeper and pore over the archives.

The Red Pill:
1.) Applying The Red Pill: An Analysis
2.) Dissecting the Red Pill Part 1
3.) Dissecting the Red Pill Part 2 (Q&A)
4.) The Red Pill Constitution
5.) The Red Pill is Intolerant of Irrationalism & “Equality”
6.) The Red Pill, You & Morality

Red Pill Attitudes to Feminism:
1.) Civilization & Feminist Dogma
2.) The Cult of Feminism & It’s Fabrication of History