The Dark Triad: War & Power

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Dark Triad Community:
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Introduction to The Dark Triad:
You can see how Dark Triad you are by clicking here. The link goes to an external site. The “short dark triad test” is an official test developed in 2011 by Delroy Paulhus and Daniel N. Jones to provide a more uniform assessment of dark triad characteristics. Of particular interest in the context of the red pill thought is research on the dark triad mating strategy.

If you like, feel free to share your result in the comments. As a point of gentle introduction, the general overview will describe the dark triad to those looking to acquaint themselves with, and understand the dark triad concept at the most basic of levels.

Understanding the Triad:
This is a series of articles which explains the characteristics of each dark triad trait in detail, giving examples of each trait in action.

The Application of the Triad:
The Application of the Triad is a series of articles which explains what is necessary to incorporate the dark triad into your persona by presenting ideas and methodologies which facilitate the endeavour.

Dark Triad Women:
Women have their own flavour of dark triad behaviour which heavily features and incorporates sexuality, sensualism and emotionalism. In light of this, the feminine manifestation of the dark triad is deemed unique enough to warrant its own area of interest.

Miscellaneous Dark Triad:

The 48 Laws of Power Essay Archive:

The intent of my essays is to expand upon the principles laid out in the 48 Laws of Power. The essays aim to offer additional insights, parallels, examples and nuances in Machiavellian strategy that go beyond the explanation of the book. The focus is on the explanation of strategy and its exemplification. Concepts and gambits are thoroughly fleshed out rather than briefly alluded to and left for the reader to subjectively interpret. As such, the interpretation is my own.

  • Law 01 – “Never Outshine the Master 
    [Category style: interpersonal relations, power structures, hierarchy, reputation, trust building, mentorship, favour]

Bullet Point Notes on The 48 Laws of Power: