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About Illimitable Men

The Origins of Illimitable Men / Mission Statement:

I begun this blog after ingesting a lot of information from TRP in its infancy. Resultantly I am obsessed with Machiavellianism, social psychology, philosophy, anthropology, comedy and self-improvement. With the omission of comedy, these are the kind of topics I tend to explore.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads Illimitable Men. I have received immeasurable praise and messages of support from many a person since starting this site, and it’s warming to know that what I invest so much time and passion into is neither in vain nor unnoticed.

This site serves two fundamental purposes: one, it is my creative outlet, it allows me to share my theories and ideas on a platform where they have the capacity to be appreciated and refined by those who are intellectual and open-minded enough to appreciate the content. Contrary to much protest, I do not, have not and will not pander to the lowest common denominator (change my style, be more explanative rather than figurative etc.)

The purpose of reading is to expand your mind and grow. My thoughts, ideas and analyses are often lost and wasted on the unwashed masses if I go beyond drab mediocre “everyday talk.” Quite¬†selfishly, I don’t blog like a slave to make people on the internet like me, I blog for my own benefit. This blog is my creative output, a conduit for the intellectual expression that the mundanity of my everyday life simply fails to provide. If I wanted to have simple conversations with simple people, I would not have started a blog. I don’t need the internet to do that. People who have something to say about next to nothing are everywhere.

Two: in addition to point one, this blog allows me to help wayward souls and direct them toward the path to greatness. If I can share what I’ve learned in my life’s journey to assist¬†some of my fellow-men, why not?

I endeavour to keep my level of prose as high as possible and ruthlessly edit my work before I publish it. That doesn’t make it perfect; it simply makes it the writing¬†the best I can personally achieve. I like to think that since I begun blogging at the end of 2013 my writing has improved. To ensure the content posted is of a high standard I have a “quality over quantity mantra.” I¬†pride¬†myself on not posting anything that is¬†“clickbait” or otherwise a¬†ploy for revenue. After all I am a thinker first and a writer second, not a marketer.

This means I may not always post as often as other bloggers, but you can be sure that when a new post does go live it will be a contribution worthy of your time – not merely a 500 word plea for attention. I don’t want Illimitable Men to be just another blog existing for the sake of attention and some ad revenue. I want it to be a high quality repository of knowledge that people can learn from and utilise to expand their minds and improve how they live their lives.¬†On that note, I’ll let the content speak for itself, you be the judge. Enjoy.

Yours anonymously,

– Illimitable Man

I reserve the sincerest thanks for the Patreon supporters, who, at one time or another, opted to aid financially in my literary endeavours.

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